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I’m Dominika, a Polish born 30-something living in London since 2005. I’m a professional retail design manager helping brands create beautiful destination stores and enriching customer experiences. 

When I’m not working you can find me scouring the city for the best brunch spots, relaxing at rooftop bars, enjoying the London art and design scene or planning my next travel adventure. 

When I travel I often skip the most popular sights in favour of exploring residential neighbourhoods looking for a perfect chai latte or the yummiest food, walking for miles in search of unique architecture, shopping at local independent boutiques (especially homeware! I’ve been known to bring back chopping boards from Copenhagen, wine glasses from Berlin and don’t even let me start on Swedish candles!) or checking out the hip pop up bars or gallery spaces. I always do my best to learn some of the history and political and cultural make up of my destination so I can truly understand what makes it tick. And whilst I do visit some more touristy places too (they are usually popular for a reason), I only do so if they genuinely excite me (talking about you Park Guell!) and not to tick off some guide book’s top ten list!  Oh and I’m also a massive foodie and always looking for the next best food spot wherever I go.

This blog is a space when I share with you my travel tips and recommendations to inspire you to be a more culturally responsible traveller and experience each destination like a local would. You can also find here guides to lesser known London spots and favourite local hangouts. I really hope you will find it helpful and it will make your next trip more authentic and enjoyable.

I like nothing better than sharing my love for London and travel so if you have any specific questions not covered in my posts feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I’d love to hear from you!

Photos: Lydia Rachel