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Last week I received marks for my final assignments which means I’ve now officially completed the first year year of my masters! Yay! It’s been an incredibly busy year and so much more intense that I expected but also incredibly rewarding. I will write all about it in a separate post for sure but today I want to share a little secret with you and tell you about my favourite weekend spot to recharge my batteries after a week of work and study and escape hustle and bustle of the city.

South London Gallery Space - What Dominika Did.JPG
South London Gallery Entrance - What Dominika Did.JPG
South London Gallery Corridor - What Dominika Did.JPG

South London Gallery was founded by a philanthropist William Rossiter who wanted to make art accessible to the working classes. It showcases work by contemporary British and international artists and particularly strongly champions those who never had a solo show in London before which is great as it can be really difficult to cut through the city’s art establishment sometimes. The gallery interior is a beautiful light filled space with natural wood floors and elegant pale greyish blue walls. Also as not many people seem to know it’s there (their loss if you ask me) you can often admire the unique exhibitions all by yourself.

South London Gallery Crane's Kitchen Cafe - What Dominika Did.JPG
South London Gallery Crane's Kitchen Coffee - What Dominika Did.JPG
South London Gallery Crane's Kitchen Weekend Brunch - What Dominika Did.JPG

But as much as I love the gallery space I come here mostly for the cafe (did I mention I love food?). Although to call it a cafe is a bit of an understatement. Crane’s Kitchen serves beautifully presented, seasonal brunches and lunches in bright double height space that’s all polished concrete floors, wood and potted palm plants. In the summer the folding doors open up onto a patio dotted with parisian cafe style tables and leading onto a small walled garden. Have you ever read The Secret Garden novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett? It is exactly what comes to my mind every time I sit here on a Saturday morning drinking coffee and tucking into delicious labneh and poached eggs. It feels like a little oasis so far removed from the city life speeding by. A perfect place to get you into a weekend mood.

South London Gallery Back Garden Tables - What Dominika Did.JPG
South London Gallery Secret Back Garden - What Dominika Did.JPG

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you do head to Camberwell to visit the gallery (or to brunch) I would love to hear if you like it.