Brunch is one of my favourite things to do on a weekend and I’ve been wanting to check out Buns & Buns for ages so I jumped at the chance to head there with Natalie on a sunny Saturday morning. 

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Despite being packed with tourists, Covent Garden is one of my favourite areas to hang out in London. There’s just something really positive about the vibe here, it instantly puts me in a good mood. The market is always full of pretty, photogenic art installations, there are street performers, stylish boutique shops perfect for buying gifts and plenty of trendy cafes and bars.

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Buns & Buns is right in the centre of Covent Garden Market so you can enjoy a leisurely meal while still being in the centre of the action. The building has large glass windows on all four sides and a retractable roof for that al fresco dining feeling we all love (you’re still under cover though so you don’t have to worry about the weather). One thing sure to entice you to come in is the mouth watering fresh produce display on the front counter which can be seen through the glass. When we visited it included fresh lobsters, sourdough bread loaves, large watermelons, bright red tomatoes and pots of aromatic herbs.

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The interior is bright and stylishly decorated with an open plan kitchen in the centre surrounded by a low marble counter, rows of smaller tables with either natural timber or powder blue tabletops, intimate booths and an elegant cocktail bar tucked away at the back. Copper accents add warmth and the whole space is filled with plants from potted olive trees to climbing ivy above the bar (I love indoor plants so this was totally up my street!).

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They don’t take reservations but we were seated quickly despite the place being super busy and the staff were really chatty and attentive. They also didn’t mind us taking heaps for photos around the place!

The food menu is really eclectic, sort of an international fusion with a strong focus on breads and buns (cue the name). There’s everything from steamed Taiwanese bao and clay oven baked pala romana pizza bread to fluffy focaccias and crusty sourdough.

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The brunch menu might be short but every single dish sounds absolutely amazing so we still had trouble deciding finally settling on Wagyu rib eye beef with fried eggs, veg and bread, and truffle and mushroom mix with fried eggs. The quality of the ingredients really shines through every dish! My mushroom mix was earthy and creamy with generously amount of large truffle shavings. Fried eggs were expertly prepared and the fresh sourdough bread had crispy skin and a tangy taste. The portions are a perfect size, enough to fill you up but not to the point that you can’t move.  There is a good selection of fresh juices on the menu including my favourite, watermelon juice (the first time I had a fresh watermelon juice was at Cafe Isarn in Islington and the taste just blew my mind!) so of course I had to order that (it didn’t disappoint!).

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If you’re visiting Covent Garden, Buns and Buns should definitely be on your list! It’s stylish, relaxed and delicious. I enjoyed it so much I’m already planning to come back for lunch or dinner to check out other things on the menu (or just to drink copious amounts of watermelon spritz!).

5c Covent Garden Piazza
London WC2E 8RA

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 09:00 - 23:30
Sunday: 09:00 - 22:30

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you end up checking Buns and Buns out I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments!